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The company developed a strong technical service team, provide the high-quality service for the customer, and the customer service to make the following commitments:
1) Division I guarantee that the equipment is new, unused. Our guarantee the use of advanced technology, the best materials and components, first-class technology, strict quality management for the owners to provide advanced technology, superior quality, beautiful appearance and completely conform to the provisions of the contract quality, specifications and performance requirements of the product. Our company guarantees according to the ISO9001 standards or quality management corresponding new and quality assurance system, strict quality management and quality of control of each design, the equipment purchasing, manufacturing, inspection, coating, packaging, installation debugging.
2) Division I guarantee that the equipment is correctly mounted, normal operation and maintenance of the circumstances, with the use of performance and service life to the satisfaction of the client. The rules of equipment service life period, we promise to provide for the safety of the equipment, and is responsible for the deficiency or malfunction due to defects in design, workmanship or materials.
3) the product warranty period, we received a failure notification timely response, commitment, rushed to the scene in the shortest time, customer service hotline: 0757-27722665. In the warranty period, the defects caused by the quality of the products, "Three Guarantees" service for free (Bao Xiu, replacement, return). Because the owners due to force majeure or not cause equipment damage not covered under warranty, Guangdong Hong Ying will give technical support and help.
4) the quality assurance period, our company can according to the requirements of the employer paid the lifelong maintenance and maintenance of the products. In the long run than quality product shelf-life by congenital problem identification is the product, we will timely treatment, a certain amount of material cost for replacement parts.
5) Guangdong Hong Ying free the owner of the technical staff to carry out regular training, make it has the ability of daily maintenance management. Specific technical training start stop time and place by both parties according to the engineering conditions agreed upon, the training content includes equipment installation and attention, the system test, the conventional fault treatment and maintenance etc. by the Guangdong, Hong Ying provide the detailed training plan (including personnel, time, location, course), and confirmed by the owner.
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